3M 9448A Double Coated Tissue Tape Alternatives

3M 9448A Alternatives

When it comes to double sided adhesive tapes, 3M is a well-known and trusted brand. Their 9448A double-sided tape is a popular choice for many industries and applications.

Here we will recommend other alternatives to 3M 9448A that offer similar performance and benefits. Moreover the price will be much better.

3M 9448A Introduction

3M 9448A is a double-sided adhesive tape, which is a high-performance tape that provides excellent bonding strength and long-term adhesion. It is a versatile and easy-to-use solution for a wide range of applications

3M 9448A is commonly used in electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to bond components together. It is also used in automotive applications, such as attaching exterior trim and emblems. Other industrial applications include bonding panels and signs.

3M 9448A Alternatives

Here we will introduce two different double sided adhesive tapes, which can be a great alternative to 3M 9448A.

Below we will have a professional & complete comparsion between them.

Option 1: F6 YL-5002

F6 YL-5002 is a Double Sided Tissue Tape. The biggest feature for this one high temperature resistance.

Below is the comparsion between F6 YL-5002 & 3M 9448A

Thickness 0.14MM 0.12MM
Heat Resistance 70~150℃ 90~120℃
Initial Tack 30# 30#
180° Peel Adhesion 24.9N/25MM 21.9N/25MM
Test Condition: 30 min@ Room Temperature

Test Process

Option 2: F6 YL-5006

F6 YL-5006 is another double sided tissue tape, the biggest feature for this model is Odour Free, Low VOC & SGS Certified

Below are the comparsion between F6 YL-5006 and 3M 9448A.

Thickness 0.14MM 0.14MM
Heat Resistance 70~150℃ -20℃~120℃
180° Peel Adhesion 24.9N/25MM 22N/25MM
Initial Tack 28# 30#
Test Condition: 30 min@ Room Temperature

Test Process


From the comparsion above and we will learn that both two models are great alternatives for 3M 9448A. In addition F6 YL-5006 are more environment friendly than YL-5002 & 3M 9448A

F6 YL-5002 & YL-5006 are both manufactured & supplied by Yongliu New Material (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

A professional tissue tape manufacturer since 2006. a leading supplier & OEM factory for many famous brands on the world. OEM services & Customization supported with wholesale factory price.

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