Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Sided For Sale

Adhesive transfer tape is a kind of double sided tape but without a carrier material, which is only be coated with acrylic adhesive directly on the surface of release paper ( paper or film liner ). It is was designed to make transferring of adhesive to project surfaces.

F6 Transfer Tape has very good temperature resistance, strong adhesive force, excellent die cutting performance, very convenient for cutting

Transfer Tape Application

It has a widely application in various industrial. The function is very similar to other double sided tapes. But without a carrier or backing. They can be used to assemble, mount or bond two or more components together. They often play an important role in securing workpieces to ensure effecient and safe seals and bonding

Custom Supported

Ningbo Yongliu Material (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd is a professional transfer tape manufacturer in China. Founded in 2006, located in Ningbo China. Transfer Tape Custom & OEM Services supported by F6

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