Black Foam Tape

Previous Next Double Sided Black Foam Tape Model No: YL-K/W002 Carrier: PE Foam Color: Black Ahesive: Acrylic Release Liner: PE Film Total Thickness: 0.32mm Carrier Thickness: 0.2mm Density( Foam Only): 204KGS/m³ Temperature resistance range: -20℃-80℃ Temperature resistance short term: 80℃ Temperature resistance long term: 35℃ Loop tack: 25# Holding power: Up to 80℃ for 60 […]

Black Double Sided PET Tape

black double sided pet tape

Previous Next High Tensile Strength Waterproof Black Double Sided PET Tape Brand: F6 Model No.: YL-7009 Thickness: 120um Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Application: Electronic Component MOQ: 1 Square Meter Quantity (㎡) 1~6000 6000~10000 10001~50000 Lead Time Within 7 Days Within 14 Days Within 20 Days Send Inquiry Now

Transfer Tape

f6 double sided adhesive transfer tape

Previous Next Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Sided For Sale Adhesive transfer tape is a kind of double sided tape but without a carrier material, which is only be coated with acrylic adhesive directly on the surface of release paper ( paper or film liner ). It is was designed to make transferring of adhesive to […]

Adhesive Foam Tape

Previous Next Strong Adhesive Foam Tape Basic Material: PE Foam Model No.: YL-2005 Color: White Foam Features: Good Following, Strong Adhesive, Loop Tack Support: Logo customization Free sample supported Length Thickness Loop Tack Temperature Resistance 30M 0.5MM 10~40℃ ≥28 Send Inquiry Now Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Fire Retardant Tape

Previous Next Fire Retardant Tape Doble Coated A heating-expansion fireproof material with tissue paper as the base material. It contains activated carbon flame retardants with no halogen, and during burning, it shows low smoke, no toxin, low spread rate and no drop burning Brand: F6 Model No.: YL-5007 Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Sample: Free Samples […]

Mesh Double Sided Tape

Previous Next Double Sided Mesh Tape This tape backed with fiberglass mesh material, then double coated with strong sticky PSA, covering with yellow paper as release liner Good adhesion to rough surface, suitable for the self-adhesion of decoration articles, exclusively for foam sealing strip of windown and doors. Brand: F6 Model No.: YL-0001 Acrylic Adhesive: […]