Fire Retardant Tape

Previous Next Fire Retardant Tape Doble Coated A heating-expansion fireproof material with tissue paper as the base material. It contains activated carbon flame retardants with no halogen, and during burning, it shows low smoke, no toxin, low spread rate and no drop burning Brand: F6 Model No.: YL-5007 Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Sample: Free Samples […]

Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape

Previous Next Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape Basic Material: PE Foam Features: Heat Resistance Samples: Free samples supported Brand: F6 Model No. Thickness Acrylic Adhesive Temperature Resistance Loop Tack YL-K008 0.8MM PSA 40~60℃ ≥27 YL-K010 1.0MM PSA 40~60℃ ≥28 Send Inquiry Now Facebook Twitter LinkedIn