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F6 is a professional Duct Tape factory, start to manufacture duct tape since 2006. With high & great services, F6 become a leading supplier with high reputation in the world.

At present, we can produce & supply duct tape with different colors, including Black, White, Blue, Green & Brown.

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F6 duct tape use PE film laminated cloths as base material, which has strong tensile strength, not easy to be broken, strong viscosity, wear-resistant and waterproof. Very good fastness.

Duct Tape Custom

Duct tape is one of F6 Core Products. We offer Duct Tape Custom, which allow you to create unique and personalized duct tape designs for your specific needs, a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from. 

Our duct tape is durable, strong, and resistant to moisture and heat. If you’re looking to customize duct tape for your business, F6 can create a product that reflects your brand meets your specific needs.

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