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Tissue tape is one of our core products. We start to manufacture since 2006. Over 15 years developments, We become a leading tissue tape supplier in the world. Our tissue tape has been exported to over 50 countries.

At present, we have developed Heat Resistant Foam tape, Extra Strong Double sided foam tape & Special adhesive double sided foam tape

Buy foam tape from us, Manufacturer supply directly with great factory price; Support your OEM services & Customization. 100% strict quality guarantee.

Double Sided Foam Tape For Sale

It’s one of double sided coated tapes. Use PE foam as the backing material, double coated with Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on foam both side. One sided is attached to the release paper, and make it into roll. So we also call it PE Foam Tape or Acrylic Foam Tape.

To meet different industry requirements, there are different foam tape with different specification available in F6

Model No. Release Paper Basic Material Color Total Thickness (um) Adhesive Force
YL-K/W015 Red Color Black/White 1.5 31.2
YL-K/W010 Blue Color Black/White 1.0 30.8
YL-K/W008 White Color Black/White 0.8 29.9
YL-K/W005 Yellow Color Black/White 0.5 29.5
YL-K/W003 Green Color Black/White 0.3 28.8
YL-K/W002 Green Color Black/White 0.2 28.5
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