How to Peel Double Sided Tape

How to remove the liner on a double-sided tape better is a issue for some of us. Some people are struggled with this problem. As a professional double sided manufacturer, i have to say there are two things you have to notice, Which has big influence on your work.

First it’s the tape, the quality different, and removing the liner from a roll of double-sided tape are different. Like F6 Double Sided Tape. Not only can keep a very high viscosity, also provide a perfect use experience, help people to use it more easy.

Second you have to do it in Right Way. Romoving the liner (backing paper of double sided tape) with right ways will make your job better & easy.

Step 1: Make the surface of target clean & smooth

As we know double sided tape has very strong adhesion. And that is what we want. However if the surface of target is dirt, it will affects the strength of the bond definitely. Only keep the surface of object is clean & smooth, its stickiness will be at the most. Then when you peel off the liner and the film won’t move.

Step 2: Confirm how much tapes that you gonna need

Before you start using tape, you have to confirm how many tapes that you may need. Using scissor cut the tape at the length you need. But please only cut with small parts, like 1/8 or 1/4 width, then rip the rest of tape by hand. Because we don’t need a very smooth edge, we need an uneven edge, that can make the liner to pop up, which can help to remove the linner better.

Step 3: Press the tape with your hand for a while

Right now you can use the tape to work on the project you need. After the tape placed on the object fully, please press the tape with your hand for a while, that can help enhance adhesion.

Step 4: Drag release liner away from the film of tape

Through step1 & step 2, it can help to keep a high adhesion. and the tape film will follow object strongly. Now we can drag release liner away from the film of tape. Start with the corner you ripped at beginning, please work slowly and also using another finger to squeeze or pinch the liner another place.

Maybe you will meet some problems at the beginning. But only you keep enough patient and follow the 4 steps above, if your double sided tape quality is okay, sure you can peel double sided tape successfully.

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