How To Remove Mounting Tape

Are you finding it hard to remove the mounting tape from walls, plastic, glass, or wood surfaces? Don’t worry. Today you will learn how to remove it most effectively.

Note that mounting tapes attach your objects or to the wall. But sometimes, people mistakenly put it in the wrong place, and removing it leaves a mess. Therefore, you must learn the proper process before removing your mounting tape. Continue reading!

What is Mounting Tape

A double-sided foam-based tape is known as mounting tape. The purpose of this tape is to hang items. You can find mounting tape in a large variety of types as well as strengths. Therefore, finding the one that perfectly matches your needs is easy. It works in a way that one side of the backing is removed, so you stick it on the wall. At the same time, the other side is exposed to set the object over it.

Why Is It Hard To Remove Mounting Tape ?

The three most common reasons that make it harder to remove mounting tape are listed below:

Adhesives On Both Sides

Since they have strong adhesives on both sides, removing these tapes can be tricky. It can also result in breaking your object stuck to the mounting tape. Note that some mounting tapes have a permanent effect, so you need proper planning before placing them

Surface Matching Adhesives Are Used

Mounting tapes manufactured with adhesives that match the surface where the consumer attaches them. The matching properties make a strong bond with the surface, making it hard to remove.

Heavy-duty Adhesives Are Used

Since you need to use these tapes for heavy-duty tasks such as construction, their residue has such properties as well. Manufacturers use heavy-duty adhesives in mounting tapes that are pretty challenging to remove.

The best part is that if you adjust your removing tactics to the material, removing the mounting tape will be pretty straightforward. Plastic walls, glass, and dry wood all have different methods to remove mounting tape.

How to Remove Mounting Tape?

According to an expert, if you know the inside secrets, it is pretty easy to remove the mounting tape, even if it is permanent. If you want to remove the permanent and tenacious mounting tape, here is how to do it.

1> First, you don’t have to remove the mounting tape by brutal force. It will just break the object that is mounted on the surface. You have to deal with it using its weakness. Do you want to know the weakness of permanent mounting tape? It’s patience.

2> You need following objects before removing the mounting tape from the wall:

  • Dental floss/Razor blade to scrap the residue
  • Water Solvent to soften the residue
  • Cotton cloth to remove the residue

3> You have to start by removing the tape from one corner. You will start from the corner of the object that is stuck to it. You can use dental floss or a single-edge razor blade for this purpose. You have to use it under the edge of the object that is attached to it.

4> Then, it would help if you pulled the attached thing slowly to separate it from the tape. If you remove it quickly, it will just leave a damaged object behind it.

5> Most people also suggest increasing the temperature of the tape by using the hair dryer to melt the adhesive. However, it doesn’t work in most cases.

6> You can also remove the tape using a sharp razor from the corner. Once removed, you can use a water solvent to remove the residue or adhesive left on the surface.

7> When you use the water solvent, you can now use a scraper to remove the glue from the wet surface. It will be easy to remove since the residue becomes soft due to water solvent.

8> Now you need to clean the surface with soft cotton fiber. This process is used mainly for glass surfaces.

9> The heating method to remove the tape works best for plastic and wood surfaces. Don’t forget to consider surface properties when removing the mounting tape.

Important Safety Measures

  1. You should avoid adhesive removers with oil-based nature. Instead use alcohol-based removers.
  2. You should test commercial adhesive removers before using them at a particular surface.
  3. Try to remove it slowly to avoid damage to the object and wall.


Mounting is very useful & widely used among our life. Because of it’s features, mounting tape is very difficult to be removed. But only if you can remove it with correct ways & pay attention on some points carefully, you still can remove it perfectly. And If you are looking for Mounting Tapes With Good Price, Contact us & Buy from factory directly.

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