How to Use Transfer Tape

If you want to use transfer tape for any purpose, you need to know its basics first. Don’t worry if you don’t already know anything about it. This article contains almost all the knowledge, F6 is a Transfer Tape manufacturer. We made this article and you will learn about what it is, its common usage, how to use it, and all the amazing tips for the easy application of transfer tape.

Note that several types of transfer tape exist, so choosing the right one can also be a matter of concern. One common example is that it is used for stickers for their easy application and to improve the company’s signature’s visual appearance. You must make sure you choose the type that perfectly meets your needs.

What is Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is also called application tape. It is a plastic or paper film applied on the piece of vinyl or top of the sticker to ease quick application. As an installer, you can easily see where you will place the sticker material on the substrate. The substrate is the name used for the material on which you place your stickers.

A substrate can be anything ranging from a plastic sign, a car door, to a window. You can have transfer tape in sheets, rolls, papers, or plastics. Note that transfer tape is also known as pre-mask. Wondering how you can use this tape? Continue reading to explore more!

Common Usage Of A Transfer Tape

As you know that there are several uses for your transfer tapes. You can also use it for stickers and building improvement purposes. Some uses are explained below:

Commercial Uses
You can use it for commercial purposes to make your building look more attractive. It will help you to impress customers and other potential clients. Moreover, it will also make your working space more pleasant. Hence, employees will feel good while working there.

Brand Awareness
Note that transfer tape is also popular among companies who want to spread the awareness of their brands. They can use transfer tape to make wall stickers, graphics, and custom decals in key locations. Many stores also take advantage of transfer tape to attract potential customers.

For example, you can place the transfer tape stickers in the front window of your store to catch people’s attention.

Personal Uses
You can also use transfer tapes for multiple craft projects. You can put a beautiful transfer tape sticker on the wall of your living room. It can serve as a perfect piece of decoration for your home.

How to use Transfer Tape?

If you plan to apply the transfer tape by yourself, you have to follow a particular set of instructions. It will help you to apply it properly without any problem. These instructions are listed below:

  1. First, you must create a particular design of your choice. Once it is done, you have to cut the vinyl. It is a first step that you should have a graphic, and then you need to print it on vinyl. If you get a kiss cut feature in your machine, it will help you cut only vinyl.
  2. The second step is to weed the excessive vinyl. It is like removing material you don’t want to have with your design.
  3. The third step is to cut a part of transfer tape and put it on the weeded decal. You have to put it on the vinyl graphic. You have to place it in a way there exist no air bubbles. Once it is all over the image, you need to rub it.
  4. After applying transfer tape on the graphic, you need to peel the decal. It will activate the decal adhesive, and you can now place that graphic in your desired location. Ensure you start with the edge for proper application at the desired location.

Tricks & Tips For Easy Application Of Transfer Tape

There are some tips and tricks for the easy and improved application of your transfer tape. Three amazing tips are listed below:

  1. You should avoid the removal of the whole transfer tape before you are sure about its perfect position.
  2. It would help if you cut the transfer tape to appear larger than the vinyl.
  3. It would help if you snipped the transfer tape for the curved surface.

What To Choose: Clear or Paper Transfer Tape?

transfer tape in roll

Clear and paper transfer tape are the two most common types of transfer tape. A clear transfer tape is one with transparent material. On the other hand, paper transfer tape is composed of the paper film with adhesive backing. It is a less expensive option, but it lacks transparency.

Choosing any one among the two hugely depends upon personal preferences. However, some factors help you in better decision-making.

Paper transfer tape is the best option if you are looking for tape available in low, medium, and high tack variants. It is also less expensive than clear tape.

Clear transfer tape can be a better choice if you want transparency for the easy application of your signs. The pre-masked image is more appealing in the case of clear transfer tape


Knowing the amazing applications, tricks, and types of transfer tape is not the only thing you need to know. You need ensure that you buy them from high-quality manufacturers. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced manufacturer for your transfer tapes, look no further, you can Contact Us now.

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