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Using mopp ( Monoaxially Oriented Polypropylene Tapes)  as the base material, coated with a Pressure Sensitive ( Including Rubber or Solvent ) on one side, we also call it TPP Tape.

F6 is a leading professional Mopp Tape manufacturer, focus on Mopp tape production since 2005. With nearly 20 years developments, there are more than 60 leading brands working with us.

Our mopp tape has an very excellent performance in a wide temperature range covering high and low temperature; No residual trace on the adhered surface, High tensile strength, High adhesion & Weather-resistance

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Mopp Tape Manufacturer F6

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Pictures Model No. Carrier Adhesive Total Thickness Color Width Length Temperature Resistance 180° Peel Adhesion Initial Tack
mopp holding tape YL-M7002B Mopp Film Rubber 0.07MM Blue 10MM~1200MM 50M~1000M 0℃~120℃ 7N/25mm 15#
white mopp tape. YL-M7002W Mopp Film Rubber 0.11MM White 10MM~1200MM 50M~1000M 0℃~120℃ 7N/25MM 15#
Blue 0.11mm Mopp Tape YL-M7001B Mopp Film Solvent Acrylic 0.11MM Blue 10MM~1200MM 10M~1000M 0℃~120℃ 13N/25MM 15#

Holding Tape & Strapping Tape

Provide solutions for temporary holding and general strapping

Used for fixing and sealing of plastic home appliances

Fixing plastic parts inside refrigerators, freezers and other household appliances such as printers and
other in line production and during transport

General strapping, used for palletizing, unitizing and bundling.

Designed for demanding application requirements of appliance industries (including metal office furniture, small appliances, parts, etc.).

Good for bundling and tying various plastic bags using in bag neck sealer.

Excellent Performance

Fetures For MODEL YL-M7002

  • Removable adhesive systems
  • Good adhesion and cohesion
  • Good ageing and chemical resistance
  • High tensile strength and low elongation

Fetures For MODEL YL-M7001

  • Transfer-resistant, delamination resistant
  • High strength film backing resists breaking, abrasion, moisture and scuffs
  • Provides safe, secure holding power to a variety of surfaces
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