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F6 focus on Non Woven Tape with more than 15 years. There are four models with different specifications available. As a professional Nov Woven Tape manufacturer, we can support OEM Services & Customization. 

Non Woven Adhesive Tape Technical Information

Double sided Non Woven fabric adhesive tape, consisting of high performance acrylic adhesive, which can provides good initial tack and offers high ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. You can easily release it with little tape residue

Model No. Thickness (um) Initial Tack Temperture Pell Force Check Details
YL-NF300A 300um 28# 120℃ 33N View Details
YL-NF200A 200um 23# 120℃ 26N View Details
YL-NF300 300um 28# 80℃ 24N View Details
YL-NF200 200um 25# 80℃ 34N View Details

Non Woven Tape Application

f6 non woven tape application
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