Our Histroy

F6 will continue to further develop through technological innovation and new product development. Pre-empting the needs of the presengt age based on the unique adhesive technologies cultivated


Foundation of Fenghua Yongliu Packaging Material Co.,Ltd

Wang Bangliu established “Fenghua Yongliu Packaging Material Co.,Ltd” in Fenghua, Zhejiang in 2000, laying the foundations for F6.


Promoted to Build the Domestic Business Foundation

Forms Ningbo Yongliu Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.
The demand expanded rapidly as the cardboard box packaging materials, Ningbo Yongliu began to production and sales of gummed tape for packaging. At the same time, BOPP tape production department was officially established


Development of solvent-free acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives

Since 2008, driven by the constant urge to innovate, F6 has independently developed acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives. We moved ahead with new application for acrylic adhesive, including for instruments & electronics, headliner, automotive interior assemblies, etc.


Expansion into industrial tape

The rapid expansion of the automotive industry for adhesive products and growing esteem for sustainability, we embarked on getting to work with crucial transformation of our business significantly faster and more urgently than previously envisaged. F6 has made full-scale entry into industrial tape-related business.


Quantity Improvement

Certification in accordance with CNISO 9001, Imat , CA65, SVHC, DBL, etc. At the same year, in order to expand our customer base and find out about industry-leading consulting , F6 continues to participate in international professional tape& film exhibitions.


Further promotion of business globalization

To promote the rapid establishment and expansion of our sales network centered on the Asian region, the head office in Ningbo was officially opened.
F6 gets a new logo and corporate look. It is a powerful combination of the initials “forever” and the “6” in the last letter of funder(-六), and it carries the deep desire of all employees for “F6 to be known worldwide”.


Development of water based adhesive


Capacity Expansion

F6 is introducing state-of-the-art equipment in China to establish a efficient manufacturing system, which includes the establishment of a Quzhou plant in 2020. The extension serves to create additional capacities in the factory for the production of special adhesive tapes for microelectronic equipment.


Patented production facility in foundation

Special equipment for the production of high-temperature double coated tapes and exclusive machines for cutting the inner rolls are launched in Fenghua and Quzhou.