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F6 is a professional Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive manufacturer since 2008. A global leading supplier for providing solutions for self-adhesive products. Including Solvent Acrylic PSA, Water Based Acrylic PSA & Protective Film Acrylic PSA.

Perfect product performance, 100% quality guarantee, best factory price with professional technical support, fast lead time.

F6 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Solvent Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Different models with different specifications available.

Excellent High Temperature Resistance, great aging & UV resistance. Ideal for aluminium, foam, plastic film, double sided tape, PET film.

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive One Component

Two Component

Two Component

Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Water-based acrylics are often used in a wide variety of adhesive applications, such as for labels & industrial tapes. It’s also designed for film material, like can be coated on PE film, PP film, PET film & non woven materials.

Low VOC & Low Odor, Good water resistance and coating, Good adhesion and tack over a wide temperature range on foam, substrates, plastic  laminates and tapes.

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