Quality Control

Quality Management System

It's very important for quality control. Advanced quality management system together with skilled workers that will keep your 100% high quality. With over 10 years developments, we have a very perfect quality control system which is mainly design for our company. In addition, we are ISO9001 Certificated Company

Raw Material Control

Raw Material is one of the basic for product quality. So we pay lots of attention on raw material. Meanwhile we always insist on using high-quality raw materials, all the material we purchased will be tested every time. For some of our raw material supplier, we have been worked with each other for more than 10 years.

Product Testing

During the production, product testing is very important. When we receive the samples from our customer and we will do the test first; and then arrange our samples. When in the production, We will arrange four inspections to check our products; and at last we will do the final test when all production finished.

Test Equipments

Rotational Viscometer


Manual Cold Laminator

Normal Temperature Type Tape Retention Testing Machine

High Low Temperature Test Chamber

Temperature Type Tape Retention Testing Machine

Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester

Computerized Tensile Force Tester