The Ultimate Guide to Filament Tape

What is Filament Tape

Filament tape is also known as strapping tape. It consists of pressure-sensitive adhesive hence a pressure-sensitive tape. The adhesive is coated onto the backing material, which is usually a polyester or polypropylene film. There are fiberglass filaments embedded to get high tensile strength.

Note that different types of filament tapes are available in the market with different strengths. The grades and types of adhesives used in filament tapes also vary.

Wondering how it is made and what can be the uses or applications of filament tapes? Continue reading!

How Is It Made?

To understand the making of filament tape, you need to understand the components from which it is made. Three main components help you to manufacture the filament tape. These components are listed below:

  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene backing, also known as BOPP backing.
  • Embedded fiberglass into the backings.
  • Hot melted adhesive.

These components carry a strong nature that makes your filament tapes extremely resistant and strong. Moreover, these components give your filament tapes great tensile strength and power.

What is filament tape used for ( Application )

Filament tapes are mostly utilized for medium- to heavy-duty tasks with strong resistance and tensile strength. For example, filament tapes can be the best choice if you need to bundle heavy items together. Some other applications are listed below:

  • Wrapping heavy cardboard boxes
  • General reinforcement applications
  • Difficult pallet fastening

Some important industries making full use of filament tapes are listed below:

  • Metal works
  • Appliances
  • Automotive parts
  • Sporting goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas
  • Toys
  • Food and beverages

When choosing a filament tape for your industry, know your requirements. It will help you choose the right one in a much better way.

How Strong is Filament Tape

Because of it’s special components, it’s extremely strong & resistant. On the market, One the market, there are many different grades & brands, the tensile strength will be a little different. Normally the tensile strength can reach from 100lbs to 600lbs per inch of width.

Where to Buy Filament Tapes

If you want buy Filament Tapes, looking for a trusted manufacturer or brand will be very important. And that can help to have a guality guarantee. F6 is a world leading Filament Tape manufacturer, start to produce & supply filament tape since 2006. Also we are a leading OEM factory and worked with many famous brands on the world during last 15 years.

About Us

F6 is a professional adhesive tape manufacturer & supplier in China. Founded in 2006. Mainly focus on industrial tapes, which can work for automotive, electronics, home appliance & some constructions. Global leading OEM factory for many famous brands on the world. 

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