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F6 Tape is a professional double sided tissue tape manufacturer & supplier in China.  supply a variety of tissue tape for many applications. Support OEM Service With Factory Price

We use high-quality materials and advanced production processes & strict quality control to ensure products are durable, long-lasting, and effective.

We provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs from our customers, including different adhesive strengths, sizes, and backing materials.

Tissue Tape Technical Information

Tissue tape is one of double sided tapes. Use tissue paper as the basic material, double coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on it’s both side. One side is attached to the release paper, and make it into roll. They can be made with different thickness according to performance requirements.

Model No. Total THK (mm) Adhesive Force Temperature Resistance Features
YL-5000 0.1 ≥18N/25MM 100~120℃ Regular high temperature resistant
YL-5001 0.12 ≥19N/25MM 100~120℃ High Temperature Resistance
YL-5002 0.13 ≥20N/25MM 100~120℃ High Temperature Resistance
YL-5003 0.12 ≥21N/25MM 60℃ Fire Retardant
YL-5006 0.14 ≥22N/25MM 130℃ Odour free, low VOC and SGS Certified
YL-5007 0.14 ≥22N/25MM 60℃ Fire retardant Halogen, free properties
YL-F65015 0.12 ≥29N/25MM Up to 80℃ for 60 Mins High Adhesion
YL-5001A 0.13 ≥16N/25MM 100~120℃ Eco-friendly, No odor, Excellent Ahesion

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F6 Tapes always focus on market & customers requirements.
Keep innovating & developing our tissue tape. There are 3 different types of double side tape popular on market.

Double Sided Tissue Tape Application

Our double sided tissue tape has widely usage on the market. Mainly focus on blow 4 aspects.

Refrigerator Tape

Refrigerator Tape

Refrigerator Tapes F6 Adhesive Tapes Used for Refrigerator & Freezer Tape is everywhere in the refrigerator and freezer industryF6 Adhesive Tapes provide a variety of

tape for house

Double Sided Construction Tape

Double Sided Construction Tape Double Sided Tape For Construction Our double sided adhesive tapes provide faster and durable solutions for constructions Send Inquiry Now There

phone tape


Double Sided Tape for Electronics Adhesive Tape for Electronics F6 is a world leading manufacturer of industrial double sided tapes. We help to provide &

Refrigerator Tape

Appliance Tape

Appliance Tapes Adhesive Tape For Home Appliance F6 provide different adhesive tapes for home appliance solutions There are many various types, which can be used

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