5 Amazing Alternatives To Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is a crucial component in the process of several creative projects. However, most people try to find multiple alternatives when they can’t find the transfer tape. what can be use instead of transfer tape, These alternatives can help you in emergencies, but you should try to use transfer tape in normal situations. The reason is that nothing works best like an actual transfer tape, not even its alternatives.

Note that it is a fact that you may feel it challenging to make vinyl decals without a transfer tape.

After you cut the vinyl, you have to transfer it to the targeted surface without messing anything around. Transfer tapes make your process simpler in this aspect. However, you may not want to buy a large transfer tape roll and want to use some alternatives.

transfer tape in roll

Masking Tape

Masking tape is considered the best alternative to your transfer tape. It is because some common transfer tape types are similar to masking tape. A masking tape has pressure-sensitive adhesive and easy-to-tear properties, making it quite simple and efficient. The best part about masking tape is that it doesn’t leave any residue when you remove it from the surface.

The no-residue nature of masking tape is designed since it needed to be used for floor masking purposes. But you can also use it in several other projects using transfer tape. It is important to note that masking tapes come in different measurements in the market. It is your task to choose the correct decal for your masking tape. Using more extensive measures can be good since you can cut it if it is excessive.

If you bought a masking tape with insufficient width measurements, you could use several strips to cover the area. However, you must carefully remove the tape from the decal since it can easily tear the decal when used in multiple pieces

→If you want a cheaper transfer tape alternative, go for masking tape. You can easily buy it for under $5 on the market.

Painter’s Tape

You will be surprised to know that masking and painter tape are similar. However, you will be amazed to know that these tapes are marketed differently. It is because they possess few main differences. The difference between the masking tape and painter’s tape is their color and strength of adhesives. Painter tape is also another powerful alternative to your transfer tape.

Now let’s talk about factors that are similar in both of them. Painter’s tape is more like masking since it is pretty efficient at transferring decals. The excellent part is that it doesn’t leave any residue with easy-to-tear properties.

→You can easily find these tapes in the market. You can purchase painter’s tape at lower prices and in several sizes.

Contact Tape

Contact tape is also known as adhesive shelf liner. It is another popular alternative to your transfer tape. Contact tape is utilized for protective purposes while having a high-quality sticky backside. Most people use it to protect papers, books, shelvings, etc. You can easily find these tapes in trendy designs and colors.

The availability of multiple designs is valid only when you are using your contact tape for decorative purposes. However, you need to use plain paper when using this tape for transferring decals like transfer tape. You can use a clear or transparent contact paper to make the decal moving process much more manageable.

Note that these tapes are available in the form of rolls, but you can purchase them at lower prices than transfer tapes. Some brands also sell it with a printed grid on its backing, making it easy to cut in different sizes and measurements.

Lint Roller Tape

You must be surprised to read the name of lint roller tape as an alternative to transferring tape, but it is pretty compelling. It is helpful, especially when you want things to get done quickly. Lint rollers are made from adhesive sheets that don’t trouble you with left residue. You can purchase lint rollers at much lower prices than other stuff.

When using lint roller tape, you must think carefully about the length and width of the vinyl. At this point, you need to layer multiple sheets. It will help you cover all the areas around the edges of the vinyl. You must have lint roller tape at home if you want to transfer the decals quickly.

Scotch Tape

The scotch tape can also be a resourceful option on your list when looking for alternatives to transfer tapes. Experts don’t recommend using scotch tape as an alternative to the transfer tape. However, when you are short of resources, scotch tape can also work like magic as an alternative to transferring tape. Before using it on large decals, you can test it by using it on small decals.

When using scotch tape as an alternative to transferring tape, You have to take extra care when lifting it off the vinyl. It would be easy to tear and rip the vinyl, so you must be extra careful when using scotch tape.

Which Alternatives Should You Avoid?

Most people try to use electrical tape, shipping tape, and duct tape as vinyl transfer tape. However, you should not use these alternatives since they are not efficient methods. These alternatives contain a powerful adhesive that can easily tear your vinyl. The worst part is that they can also leave a heavy residue behind.

In Clusion

With this fantastic information, you can work on your vinyl project without worrying about residue issues. No matter the reason for using these alternatives, you should always know you have some good options. BTW if you have the opportunity to get transfer tape, that will be better. If you want a high-quality transfer tape, Contact Us now.

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