15 Creative Usages Of Duct Tape

The legendary stickiness, strength, and flexibility of duct tape make it super helpful for daily life problems. It is undoubtedly the most useful tape to have on your grocery list. People have used duct tape for decades to make and fix different things. If you have duct tape and are wondering what to do with it, this article is for you.

There are hundreds of things that you can do with your duct tapes. Some craziest uses of duct tapes are given below:

Usage 1: Fixing a Tent

A broken or damaged tent can spoil your trip, especially in the mid of the camping party. You can use duct tape to fix your tent and keep partying with your friends. You have to cut and use some duct tape patches on the tent’s fabric.

Duct tape can temporarily fix your broken or damaged tent until you buy a new one.

Usage 2: Opening A Jar

Are you struggling to open a jar right when you need it most? Duct tape can make things simpler and easier for you.

You have to cut the duct tape according to the size of the lid edge. Then, you have to put the duct tape patch on the lid. You have to leave one side of the edge unstuck when you pull on the unstuck edge; the lid takes a little effort to move and open.

Usage 3: Removing Warts

Many duct tape consumers have also benefited from duct tape by removing warts. Warts produce due to viruses and spread across the body.

To speed the healing process and stop the spread of warts, you can use duct tape. It happens by cutting off the oxygen supply and suffocating warts.

Usage 4: Floors Protection

Furniture usually causes scratches and marks on the floor due to its sharp corners at the bottom. You can use duct tape on the lower surface of furniture to prevent damage to your floor.

The real damage occurs when you move your furniture from one place to another. But duct tape will help you prevent scuffs due to furniture.

Usage 5: Quick Repairs

Duct tapes are highly useful when you have to do quick repairs. For example, you have a beautiful frame with a family picture. Suppose its supporting stand breaks suddenly. You must feel sad. But don’t worry because duct tape can perform quick repairs for your broken objects.

You have to put a small piece of duct tape on the broken area, and it’s all ready to rock again

Usage 6: Mending Vinyl’s Siding

If your vinyl siding is damaged for some reason, you should mend it as soon as possible. Do you know why? It is because vinyl siding is the first layer of protection against anything.

Leaving the holes open can be too risky. But you are worried about what to use to mend vinyl siding. Again, you can use duct tape as a magical solution to mend your vinyl siding.

Usage 7: Removing Sticker Residue

Removing stickers from your fridge, wall, or cupboards may leave an ugly residue. The worst part is that it can be hard to remove. But you don’t have to worry when you have duct tape.

Saying this is slightly ironic, but duct tape’s sticky strength can remove left adhesive or residue on different surfaces. You rub it a few times and then pull away the duct tape.

Usage 8: Lifting Away Pet Hair

Pet hairs can be disgusting when left on your sofas, and some guests come over to your place. The bad part is that it can cause allergies or diseases if not removed properly.

Duct tape can do its magic to help you remove pet hair. You can put the duct tape on a paint roller and use it over your furniture to lift away hairs.

Usage 9: Trap Bugs

Bugs and flies can make you crazy when you are calmly reading a book or doing something else. You can use a large piece of duct tape to hang it as fly paper. It will trap the bugs or flies coming toward the paper.

Moreover, you can also seal holes in your walls and furniture that are causing bugs movement. You can use this trick for patios in your garage.

Usage 10: Patching The Glasses

Patching your glasses with duct tape can make you look nerdy. However, it is the only solution when you can’t replace your glasses immediately. Having something is better than nothing at all.

Usage 11: Waterproofing For Your Shoes

Suppose you walk, especially in winter, and your shoes get into the water. It can make you feel cold and have a fever at the same time. To avoid this situation, you can take precautions such as using duct tape over your shoes.

You can roll duct tape all over your shoes. It will enable waterproofing in your shoes.

Usage 12: Helps In Toothpaste Squeezing

It can be hard to squeeze the last bits of toothpaste out of the packing. Since you need to put so much pressure on it, you may find it time-consuming. Therefore, most people throw it out and waste money.

If you also face such a situation, just take a piece of duct tape and roll it over the toothpaste packing. Holding it can help you enjoy the last parts of the toothpaste and save money.

Usage 13: To Make Beautiful Roses

Duct tapes are also helpful in making beautiful art and decorative pieces. You can make beautiful roses by using duct tape. It is not only for emergency fixing and other hacks.

Duct tape suppliers provide these tapes in several beautiful styles, prints, and colors. You can craft roses and other such things through duct tape.

Usage 14: Protect Blisters

Blisters develop especially when involved in sports, hiking, walking, and running. Covering them with bandages may not be effective as they can fall off easily. You have to clean a blister properly and then put a piece of duct tape over it. It will remain in its place when you wear socks over them

Usage 15: Adding Grip & Insulation In Shoes

Insulating your shoes and adding grip to them can be essential when you have to attend an important event. For example, if you bought high-heel sandals and found that they do not add grip to your feet. This can be quite problematic when you have a special event. You can use duct tape inside the sandals to put a strong grip on your feet.

Insulation of shoes is important in winter when you want to keep your feet warm. You can use a piece of duct tape to cover your shoes and keep yourself warmer.


Duct tapes are amazing and make your life easier. If you have more share for Duct Tape usage, Leave comments & share with us.

However, before using duct tape anywhere, you should know that it might not work at higher temperatures. Buying duct tape from a good manufacturer is important. If you are looking for one, Contact Us now.

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